Metal Spraying, Hard Facing and Surface Coating for Wear Resistance and Repair

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Wear and Corrosion Solutions for Engineering Process Industries

Rebuilding worn components to better than new: is our motto.

Hardfacing, Metal Spraying and Ceramic Coating are the techniques we use to rebuild worn components for the food and chemical process industries. The surfacing and re-building procedures we follow, have been originally developed for the aero-space industries by world leaders such as Sulzer Metco, Deloro Stellite, Wall Colmonoy, Union Carbide, Praxair, Metallisation etc. The equipment, metallising wires, hard-facing and surfacing consumables we use are supplied by reputed companies in the surface-coating industries.

We apply the hard coatings to also manufacture new wear resistant components and spare parts for the maintenance of pumps, food fillers and process machinery in a wide range of engineering industries. The hard coating we apply would be specifically designed and tested for the specific application.

Our customer base covers the food, petrochemical, paper, pharmaceutical and pump industries. In addition to manufacturing both coated and uncoated components, Actis has developed special welding, fusing and heat treatment techniques for the recovery of worn pumps and fillers. 

The wide range of coatings, repair and re-building techniques we use render many otherwise scrap components to be rebuilt faster than the manufacture of a new spare part. In most cases, the rebuilt component will have better wear resistant properties than the original and will last longer. Considerable cost savings can be achieved in the maintenance budgets.

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