Metal Spraying, Hard Facing and Surface Coating for Wear Resistance and Repair

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Pumps Repair:

Food Industry






Wear & Corrosion Solutions Appled in the Food & Drinks Industry

Maintenance, Repair and Refurbishing

Filler Refurbishment

Many major food companies enjoy the benefits of our refurbishment service. Sauce and liquids fillers are overhauled using special techniques to improve fill and reduce product wastage.

Drinks Fillers

Complex components such as centre columns on drinks fillers can be rebuilt. Rapid turn round ensures minimum loss of production.

Manufacture of Filler Spares

Wear and Corrosion Resistant Components manufactured in a range of specialist alloys.





Feed Screws

Feeding abrasive food mixtures results in high wear rates on flight edges and thrust faces.


Rebuilding using Tungsten Carbide Alloys can increase life by a factor of up to 10.

 Pump Refurbishment

Significant savings can be made using our pump refurbishment service. Rebuilt pumps with specialist coatings give a service life greater than that of the original.



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Last modified: October 30, 2001